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Tea Is Served

A horror/comedy VR game about Cryptids, tea and death...

You are the entertainment for the annual tea party of the world’s most feared cryptids. Nessie has come from Loch Ness, the Chupacabra from South America - Mothman, the Wendigo, and one ordinary guy called Brian have all come from across the globe to enjoy an afternoon of tea and mayhem with this year's host - Dracula. As they shout at you from all sides, you must do everything you can to meet their demands - because if you fail, you’re desert. Tea Is Served was exhibited at EGX 2023 and is currently looking for a publisher.

Tea is Served was always intended to walk the line between Horror and Comedy - we felt that not only would the two genres enhance each other by contrast but also lend themselves very effectively to the natural strengths of VR as a medium. As the script and design developed however, it became clear the comedy was tipping the scales, and the score’s role in the game became undercutting the game’s earlier moments of levity with unease, or making innocent moments feel uncanny or off kilter before growing into full blown menace and horror as the game goes on. 

Tea Is Served Trailer
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Starring: Tom Wylde, Beatriz Romilly and Euan Dixon

Artistic Director: Lina Kalcheva

Producer: Michelle Brøndum

Lead Designer: Casey Lodge

Programmer: Stephen Glenister

Lead Animator: Leto Meade

Audio Director: Alastair McNamara

Screenwriter: Hannah Kelso

Production Company: Jante Films, Story Futures Academy and the National Film and Television School

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