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Striking With Pride:
United at the Coalface

Exploring how gay and lesbian activists from London campaigned in support of striking miners from South Wales and helped raise money for impacted families between the 1984 and 1985 London Prides.

Sam Thompson, the project's composer, approached me to write some choir arrangements for the documentary. The film used the symbol of the Welsh male voice choir as a central storytelling tool, and so my job was to arrange songs of the era that championed gay rights to be performed by the Beaufort Male Choir from South Wales which were then woven into the soundtrack for the film, thematically uniting the miners and the gay Londoners who supported them. I also tracked some additional vocals for the choir arrangements.



Starring: Daisy Ridley, Stephen Graham

Director: Ashley Francis-Roy

Editor: Martin Thompson

Composer: Sam Thompson

Executive Producers: Peter Beard,  Bruce Fletcher

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