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Surreal comedy that follows Jamma's quest for attention as he navigates chaotic family dynamics and literally stumbles through love.

Sam Thompson, the project's composer, approached me too orchestrate and mock up some orchestral cues for the show. In one episode, Jamma somehow stumbles into a projection and discovers he's living in the events of his Mum's past before she moved to the UK in the style of a silent movie and my work on the episode has me working Sam's sketches up into full orchestral arrangements and developing the cues based on feedback from the team.


Starring: Mawaan Rizwan, Russell Tovey

Director: Rosco Five, Gideon Beresford, Behnam Taheri

Creator and Writer: Mawaan Rizwan

Producer: Hannah Moulder

Editors: Nick Armstrong, Ben Whitehead, Gavin Buckley

Composer: Sam Thompson

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